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Small World Musings

  • Pardon Our Dust

    We're changing our name!
  • Springtime is for Mothers!

    Although every day should be Mothers' Day, the official calendar date is coming up! Do you know what you'll do for her/yourself? It's always nice to do something special (brunch, handmade card, weekend trip) along with a gift. We leave the activity to you, but offer LOADS of gifts on the website any mother would love.
  • Hello, Spring!

    Hello, Spring! It's been quite a month down here in Austin! We survived the ice storm/energy disaster thanks to the kindness of our amazing frien...
  • Surviving the TX Ice Storm/Energy Disaster

    It’s been a rough week for us Texans. Although our house lost power and drinking water, we were lucky enough to have amazing friends take care of...
  • Silver Jewelry Care

    Handmade silver jewelry will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Read our advice on maintaining your silver jewelry below. And if you have any ...
  • New Year, New Hope!

    To start this new year with happy thoughts and healthy vibes, all face coverings will be 21% off through the website.

  • Holiday 2020 Gifts

    Holy cannoli, Hannukah's almost here, and Christmas not long after! However much 2020 has dragged on, December seems to have snuck up out of nowhere 😱

    If you haven't finished (or yet begun) your holiday shopping, fear not! We've got a fantastic selection of goods for you that arrive along with personalized notes, making for extra special gifts. Even the pickiest of personalities will appreciate a handloomed Turkish towel and the story of how its made!
  • A New Home!

    We've moved in to the Caravan Co-Op at the Hill Country Galleria!
  • New Indigo Pillow Collection

    New Indigo Pillows Now Online Hello Friends!Hope you've all had a healthy and happy week! With the election coming up, many of us are lo...
  • Breakfast in the Sahara

    Breakfast in the Sahara✨ The magic of breakfast starts to sink in whilst traveling to places with diverse norms. In Morocco, you can start your day...
  • Fascination with Phnom Phen

    Phnom Phen, the capital of Cambodia, had a pretty awful reputation when I visited in 2004. A sparsely populated city rebuilding itself after the K...
  • Temple Renovation in India

    Memories of the Meenakshi Amman temple in Tamil Nadu✨ By the time I finally visited this amazing temple complex in 2008, the massive gopurams (orna...