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Holiday 2020 Gifts

Holiday Gift Ideas

Holy cannoli, Hannukah's almost here, and Christmas not long after! However much 2020 has dragged on, December seems to have snuck up out of nowhere 😱

If you haven't finished (or yet begun) your holiday shopping, fear not! We've got a fantastic selection of goods for you that arrive along with personalized notes, making for extra special gifts. Even the pickiest of personalities will appreciate a handloomed Turkish towel and the story of how its made!


Some gifts are big.
Others are small.
But the ones that come from the heart
Are the best gifts of all.

- Tinku Razoria

Turkish Towels are the gift everyone loves! Available in a variety of colors and patterns, they're so multi-functional it's crazy.
And they're wrapped with cards of ideas for use, along with notes about the history, makers, and care instructions.
Quirky handmade coaster packs are perfect for whimsical loved ones!
Wrapped with cards about Yogjakarta, Indonesia, where Janur crafts them.
Handloomed wool scarves from the Indian Himalayas are luxurious gifts for loved ones in colder climates.
With cards about the women who loom them in the Kullu Valley.
Little Hmong purses to wrap other little gifts in: presents within a present!
With cards about Na & Pha, who make them from their Hmong Tribe vintage textiles.
(All wrapped with their own cards)
(All wrapped with their own cards)
p.s. the tassel ornaments on top may not yet be online when you read this- we only just got them from a wonderful women's collective in India. If you'd like any for yourself, just email me at gadaboutgoods@gmail.com❤️
*** Don't forget to get your order in soon if it's to be shipped! ***
We can send gifts directly to your loved ones, gift wrapped, including a personalized note from you. Just add "gift wrapping" at checkout and send us the text you'd like.

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