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Small World Musings

  • Temple Renovation in India

    Memories of the Meenakshi Amman temple in Tamil Nadu✨ By the time I finally visited this amazing temple complex in 2008, the massive gopurams (orna...
  • India Train Travel

    Although the trains have generally not aged great in the last 18 years, the energy, charm, and tent cities remain. When I take trains in India now, I don't bat an eye, but my 18 year younger self was strongly impacted by the experience. I think everyone's first visit to India has a massive impact on them. Here were my thoughts on my first train ride from Delhi to Jaipur...
  • Indian Dosas

    Bring on the dosas!!! These marvelous Indian breakfast creations are different from other pancakes, oh very different...
  • India; Memories of First Impressions

    Looking through old emails, I found the letter a young me wrote after my first few days in India, in 2001. Not too much has changed in the last 18 years about flying into Delhi, and you might enjoy this description of a young woman's first impressions of this special place! More of these old writings to come...
  • Downtown Cairo's Parisian Influence

    Cairo is a fascinating, crazy, and often overwhelming city. It's full of people, animals, markets, and cars following driving rules known only to locals. This much I expected, but something I was not expecting when visiting Cairo for the first time was how much the downtown reminded me of Paris...
  • Nescafe in a Pinch

    Many know, I am a solid tea drinker. This all stems from a regrettable addiction to diner coffee whilst working in Connecticut one summer... Ever since then, although I adore the taste/smell/texture/routine/etc. of coffee, I get my caffeine fix from a good cuppa (tea) in the morning. Occasionally I will treat myself to a cup of bitter liquid love (coffee), but this is on rare occasions, or whilst traveling...


  • Crashing Weddings in India

    Sometimes in India, especially during the monsoons, you will find yourself unexpectedly crashing some lovely strangers' wedding. It is one of the simple joys of traveling during the wedding season here and, sometimes unfortunately, unavoidable. We almost missed our train out of Pushkar a couple years ago because a few coinciding weddings were blocking all the roads into and out of town. Indian weddings are also exceptionally loud and extend late into the night, causing some major sleep deprivation if your guest house sits next door to the festivities... But the unconstrained joy of these events is hard to resent!


  • Off the Beaten Path in Bali (but still accessible to that path)

    You've made it to Bali! Perhaps this is a place you've always longed to visit, perhaps you've booked your accommodation/tour/retreat and are ready to hit the ground running, or perhaps you are a jaded traveler like me and are snobbishly viewing it as a stop on the road to more far flung locals. I will be the first to admit that, however I try to keep a level head, I can fall into the mind frame of "Oh, I don't want to go somewhere there will be other tourists. How obnoxious!" Dear Reader, believe me when I say, I fully recognize that this thought is, in fact, the most obnoxious. So imagine my chagrin when I found Bali to be thoroughly worth the hype.


  • Solo Female Travel On the Beach

    Many women are nervous about traveling alone, and with good reason! I would be concerned if a woman had no nerves over traveling alone. Solo female travel can put women in vulnerable situations male solo travelers do not have to consider. I plan on writing about these more as the blog progresses, but today I thought I'd write a quick note about visiting beaches alone as a woman.

  • Fisherman Hut Murals, Bali

    These abandoned fishermen's huts on Nelayan Beach, just outside of Canggu, have become the canvas for some amazing political graffiti art. 

    Canggu, Bali

  • Bus Travel; Southeast Asia Transportation Fun

    Although bus travel in Southeast Asia comes with many frustrations and discomforts, it is an unforgettably unique experience everyone should try at least once while visiting this part of the world, especially if you find a fabulous double decker Hello Kitty ride...

    Southeast Asia

  • Monkeys; Not As Sweet As They Look.

    Those who know me know, I am not a fan of monkeys. I understand why people often think they are so damn cute and cuddly and want to feed them bananas and bon bons. But after hearing stories and seeing first-hand how destructive these sneaky bastards are, I avoid the cheeky beasts at all costs. Allow me to explain.