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Our Artisan Partners

Small World Goods works primarily with women artisans along the Silk Road. When you shop Small World Goods, you are supporting the financial independence of these artists who struggle to expand their network.
In many of these countries, women have limited means to participate in society. By supporting Small World Goods, you are not only supporting the artisans we work with, but normalizing the image of female independence for other women in their communities!
Some of our partners:
Laos Weaving, Bibi KemperLaos Weaving, Bibi Kemper
Mone and Doi weave textiles on backstrap looms in their workshop in Luang Prabang, Laos. They use only natural plant dyes made by themselves or their sisters in southern Laos.
Artist Photo.Na&Pha
Na and Pha make modern pieces from unique vintage textiles they source within their Hmong community in northern Thailand.
Macrame, Bibi Kemper
Phon makes metal and macrame jewelry she sells at local markets and her parents shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Java Artisan

Janur makes her quirky bookmarks, coasters, stickers, and pins in her home outside of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Java ArtisansJava Artisans

Yohana and Bagus work with 7 local women near the river outside of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Java ArtisanJava Artisan

Kebowan's family has been making silver filigree in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for generations.

Java Artisan

Agnes Christine works in the studio her husband and she created in their Yogyakarta home.

Handmade Turkish TowelsHandmade Turkish Towels

Nurcan and Serife weave all our Turkish towels and blankets on their fathers old loom from 1960.

Moroccan Womens Collective

Nadia and her daughter Aisha run a women's collective in southern Morocco that provides fair wage jobs for women who often are not allowed to leave their homes. The group will bring women work to do in their homes if this is the case, providing as much empowerment as is possible.

Womens Collective

Amina and her daughter Wafae run a women's collective in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. This amazing group also brings women fair wage jobs wherever they can.

Moroccan Artisan

Muhsen is one of the incredibly talented men we work with. He makes stunning Berber jewelry in Fez, Morocco, selling it from his small stall in the massive medina market.