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Indian Dosas

Bring on the dosas!!! These marvelous Indian breakfast creations are different from other pancakes, oh very different!

Traditionally served with little dishes of potato filling, sambar, chutney, and idli podi (a glorious mix of shredded coconut and spices), fill yours as you like and then enjoy the magic. Dosas themselves are super thin pancakes, like a crispy sour crepe. The sour flavor is due to the fermented batter they are made from. There are different varieties of dosas and fillings, but the combinations of flavors and textures found in all of them is one of the best breakfasts or lunches you can get anywhere in the world! Originally made in South India, they have since spread throughout the subcontinent, and with a normal price tag of less than a dollar, you really can't afford not to try one.

This traditional Indian food also takes a fabulous photo, as you can see with this "table dosa" I indulged in back in the day...

 India Dosa

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