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Nescafe in a Pinch

Many know, I am a solid tea drinker. This stems from a regrettable addiction to diner coffee whilst working in Connecticut one summer... Ever since then, although I adore the taste/smell/texture/routine/etc. of coffee, I get my caffeine fix from a good cuppa (tea) in the morning. Occasionally I will treat myself to a cup of bitter liquid love (coffee), but only on rare occasions, or whilst traveling.

Something I love about traveling is that it gives you permission to treat yourself in ways you don't do at home. However, in many places overseas, you will not be able to find a properly brewed espresso or drip coffee. Often, the only bitter liquid love option is the ubiquitous and not so bitter, not so composed of any taste at all really, Nescafe.

When faced with this challenge to treating myself, I have determined that not all is lost! I can still lift myself from the swamps of exhaustion, dolldrums, or general crankiness by ordering a Nescafe and compensating for lack of proper coffee flavor with obscene amounts of milk and sugar, as in this pic from Morocco. Problem solved, Dear Reader!

Coffee in Marrakech, Morocco

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