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Mini Driftwood and Brass Wall Sculpture
Mini Driftwood and Brass Wall Sculpture

Mini Driftwood and Brass Wall Sculpture

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Handmade with love by Jessica, and her team of women, in Washington state.

Unique, one-of-a-kind wall hanging made from naturally-sourced driftwood, hand-cut and hammered brass sheet. Ready to hang.

Dimensions: range from 4”-7” tall x 4-6” wide.

These exact driftwood pieces have been sold. A similar piece will be used. Price is for single piece.

**Please note: our pieces are made by hand by our team of women artisans from hand-cut and hammered brass. Slight inconsistencies, imperfections and the natural beauty of brass and driftwood are what make our pieces special.


  • Please be aware that raw brass naturally tarnishes over time; a paste of baking soda and lemon juice applied with a cloth will shine it back up in no time.

  • This is a wall hanging for decorative purposes; not intended for use as a wind chime. 
  • Not recommended for outdoor use.

* 5% of Vida + Luz net proceeds directly supports Wipe Every Tear, and their fight to end sex trafficking in the Philippines.

At Vida + Luz we believe in long-term environmental sustainability. All driftwood is sourced from our 10 acres of private family-owned farmland on the Skagit River delta and cured naturally in the sun. We follow all regulations put forth by WA State for driftwood removal. (1 cubic yard of driftwood, per visit is allowed, up to 3 cords per year.  Driftwood removal is restricted to wood that can be loaded by hand and wood that is not deeply imbedded in the beach or dune banks so as not to disturb the eco systems.) Brass is sourced within the US and is not treated with any harsh chemicals. We protect and preserve the environment by using recycled boxes and packaging. *