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Beam Candle - Small World Goods
Beam Candle - Small World Goods
Beam Candle - Small World Goods

Beam Candle

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Handmade with love by Bailey and crew, here in Austin, TX.


This scent is designed using botanicals containing terpenes with properties for stress reduction, mood elevation, memory retention and alertness. Intended to inspire and invigorate your mind.

TERPENE noun : A compound found in the essential oils of botanicals that give cannabis, conifers, lemons, (and others) their distinctive smell. Each terpene carries it's own theraputic effect.

Scent profile:

Top: Lemon, bergamot, spruce
Middle: Green leaves, sage
Base: Vetiver, palo santo

Terpene profile:

Pinene: Memory retention/ alertness
Limonene: Mood enhancing/ stress reducing- increases serotonin and dopamine

Found in pine needles, conifers, sage, juniper, and lemons in nature.

Cannabis contains over 150 terpenes. These are the ones we handpicked just for you.

Ingredients: 100% American soy wax, hemp wick, phthalate free fragrance infused with essential oils

40-50hrs burn time

Standards: Local, small batch, highest quality fragrances and essential oils, recyclable jar 

 Burning best practices:

-Light and let oil pool to the edge before extinguishing

-Always trim wick between lightings

-Never leave candle unattended

-Don't burn for long periods of time

-Stop burning when wax reached 1/4 inch from bottom of jar