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Moroccan Pharmacies and Getting Off Your Own Beaten Path

Scenes from a Moroccan pharmacy✨ It’s important to try new things both at home and abroad!

I was never interested in visiting these treasure troves of mysterious powders, spices, teas, and elixirs on previous visits. However the guy I was dating back home at the time of this trip had requested a gift of saffron. At that point, I did not know he would ghost on me right after bringing him said saffron... So on this visit to Marrakech I waded in to the murky world of Moroccan pharmacies! 

Bins and jars full of stuff the very friendly pharmacist Ahmed educated me on; traditional cures for a variety of ailments. Along with saffron for the useless boy, I brought home with me all manner of loose teas, cooking spices, and a jar full of mysterious black beans that, when sniffed, clear up your sinuses 10 times more intensely than any decongestant back home! I must say though, the fact that I have no idea what these nasal beans are, did make them more appealing abroad than at home...

But it was the afternoon with the gregarious Ahmed that I treasure the most. And I never would have had this experience if I hadn’t ventured off my own beaten path. So I suppose the useless guy was not so useless after all✨

Pics from Marrakech, Morocco 2018

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  • Love this story! I wonder what those beans really were and if you can grow them here in America?

    Mari Kemper

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