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Nomi Pants
Nomi Pants
Nomi Pants

Nomi Pants

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100% naturally plant dyed and dabu printed linen

High, elasticated waist and tapered leg with deep pockets.


With every pair of trousers purchased, 3 trees are planted in collaboration with TreeSisters.

Size Guide

Linen softens and loosens over time so if you are in between sizes, it is sometimes a good idea to size down.

Small: US size 0-6, waist 34", hip 42", inseam 28"

Medium: US size 6-8, waist 38", hip 45", inseam 28"

Large: US size 7-12, waist 44", hip 48", inseam 28"

Model in Ochre wears size medium and is a US size 6-8. Linen softens and loosens over time so if you are in between sizes, it is sometimes a good idea to size down. 


Caring for naturally dyed clothing is a little different to synthetically dyed clothing. As each item is hand dyed using traditional block printing techniques, the item may bear traces of the printer’s table, there may be small variations in the pattern and the colour pigment itself may vary due to the nature of the natural dyeing process. We absolutely celebrate these characteristics as they embody humanity and the Earth in every piece!


Linen becomes softer and more supple over time with wear and it can be a little stiff to begin with. This is the natural journey of linen but to quicken the softening process and encourage the fibres to relax you can use eco fabric softener when in the washing machine or soak the item in bicarbonate of soda for a few hours. Linen also responds well to heat so putting your item in a tumble dryer for a short time can also soften the fibres but be aware this can have an affect on the colour.


When it’s time to wash your item we recommend hand washing the item in warm water, drying it naturally and ideally in the shade. You can put the item in the washing machine but the colours can fade at a faster rate and you are also at risk of dying your other clothes! We would also not recommend using any harsh chemicals during washing, instead use either gentle eco detergent, soap nuts or just water. During your first few washes some colour will likely rinse out, which is completely normal and it doesn’t mean that the pigment of the item will fade dramatically. Usually it just means that the excess dye within the fibres of the cotton is being released. We don’t recommend tumble drying with cotton.

We recommend washing the deep indigo items a few times early on to release the excess dye as the pigment can initially rub off on your body or other clothing. This is part of indigo’s eccentricity and cannot be avoided!