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Witches Brew

Witches Brew

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Handmade with love, in small batches by Chloe, here in Austin.

Commonly used for ritual offerings and purification, Florida Water, or Spirit Water, can be used for energy clearing, for protection, to draw in good fortune, and with any kind of spell to block out negativity and harmful entities.

Each batch of Chloe's Witches Brew Florida Water is crafted with seasonal additions and changes; every bottle will be somewhat unique. Chloe loves to follow her intuition when it comes to creation, and uniformity is never her thing when it comes to magic. Every brew sits under the moon’s energy for at least 30 days and sometimes 60-90 days, again depending on divine guidance. Every aspect of this magical potion is handmade, hand-bottled and prepared in house. 

This magical blend will become your best friend. Spray it on your neck to release tension, down your chakras to activate protection, and around the four corners of your doors and windows to shield your home. Clear your crystals, cards, and healing spaces with it, and don’t forget to keep a bottle handy at your front door for entries and exits. Wipe your floors with it, anoint your pillows and bedding and allow it to be a powerful reminder of the witch in you. Please listen to your guidance and follow what feels best for you. Magic is guaranteed.

The story of Florida Water goes back hundreds of years, when African American slaves were forced into Christianity and forbidden to practice their own African religions. While publicly worshipping Catholic saints, slaves worshipped African deities, and Florida Water became a staple ritual tool of slave-based magic. It continues to be used today for purification, ritual offerings, attracting love, etc…

Ingredients: alcohol base, fresh and dried flowers, organic citrus peel, fresh and dried herbs, organic spices