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Turkish Napkin Set (4), SHOPFRONT VARIOUS

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A set of 4 100% Turkish cotton napkins make these Turkish napkins the perfect dining accessory. Their lightness and super absorbent nature mean they'll dry quicker than traditional terry cloth towels in a humid bathroom. And their stunning designs add a sophisticated touch.

Turkish Towels originated hundreds of years ago for bathhouses, or Hammams. They are traditionally woven from special Turkish cotton prized for its lightweight softness and extra absorbency. 

Our Turkish towels are handmade by sisters living in central Turkey, on their fathers backstrap loom from 1960. Supporting these sisters is supporting women’s financial independence around the world!

Each piece arrives to you carefully wrapped with handmade notes about its origin, passing on a personal connection and taking some anonymity out of the shopping experience.

 Turkish Towel Care Instructions

Turkish towels soften and absorb more with use. So before using your towel, wash or soak overnight for maximum absorbency.

Machine wash in cold water, preferably on the delicate cycle. Although air drying is best (and this will be quick, because the towel is so light!), in a pinch you can throw your towels into a cool tumble dry cycle until just dry.

Fair Trade Turkish Hand Towel