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Matcha + Oat - Straw Mask
Matcha + Oat - Straw Mask

Matcha + Oat - Straw Mask

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Matcha and bentonite clay join forces to scavenge pore-clogging free radicals. Oat straw lends soothing moisture. This mask is especially suitable for oily, acne-prone skin types.

This handy little sample sachet is perfect for testing out new products, or the perfect gift for someone else! All sample masks come in simple, biodegradable pouches.

Directions: Mix equal parts mask powder with water or hydrosol to form a paste. Try starting with one teaspoon of each. Apply to face/neck. Leave on for 5 -10 minutes or until dried. Rinse with warm water.

*Do not use metal utensils when mixing the mask as it can dull the effectiveness of the clays.


Bentonite Clay - This clay comes from large volcanic ash deposits in the mountains for Montana. The blend of vitamins and minerals found in this beneficial clay make it ideal for both detoxification and nourishment. Of all the clays, bentonite clay is especially known for its incredible ability to draw out impurities and toxins from deep within your pores.

French Green Clay - A soft, mineral-rich clay from France, Green clay owes its coloration to decomposed plant matter! A very neat example of the cycles of life. This clay is known to absorb dirt and oil from the skin.

Matcha - Internally, matcha (green tea powder) is known for its high antioxidant content, and its ability to reduce free radical damage in the body. In skincare, its much the same. EGCG - one of the main antioxidants found in green tea is shown to possibly reduce DNA damage sustained from UV rays.  Matcha is also high in vitamins B2 and E which helps promote healthy collagen levels, hydrate your skin, and support cell growth.

Oat Straw - From the oat plant - Avena Sativa - oat straw is rich in silicon and calcium, both essential minerals in building and regenerating hair, skin, nails, teeth, and bones. It is a very calming herb that soothes and softens the skin.

Ingredients: French Green clay, Bentonite clay, Kaolin clay, Matcha*, Oat straw powder*, Peppermint oil*, Lavender oil* (*Certified Organic Ingredient)

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, please consult with a qualified health professional before beginning any new herbal products.

Handmade with love by Bee, in Florida.