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Colorful, handmade, long pocket purses made with vintage Hmong Tribe textiles. Boasting almost twice the amount of rare Hmong textiles per piece, this size has a little more room to hold extra small bits and larger bobs. All one-of-a-kind, handmade by Na and Pha in northern Thailand. This lovely Hmong couple seek out only the most beautiful vintage textiles in their tribal villages, and from the shape of these, they painstakingly create each modern piece. 

These super sweet long purses have sturdy cotton lining and tiny bell on the pull.

Each purse measures approximately 8" x 4.5"

 The crafts of the Hmong people are quickly becoming lost to cheap fast fashion, mechanization, and urbanization. Na and Pha keep traditional crafts alive with their own work, and by maintaining an open door policy for the children in their community. Whenever the kids are left on their own, Na and Pha invite them into their own home to learn the traditional Hmong crafts. 

We work directly with artisans, and pay fair wages for their work. With each purchase of Na and Pha’s collection, you not only contribute to their income as working artists, but to the continuation of the incredible artistic traditions of the Hmong people.