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Hmong Indigo Pillowcase, Busaba
Hmong Indigo Pillowcase, Busaba
Hmong Indigo Pillowcase, Busaba

Hmong Indigo Pillowcase, Busaba

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Gorgeous indigo throw pillowcase handmade by Na and Pha in northern Thailand. Each pillowcase is handmade by Na & Pha in northern Thailand, using vintage batik and embroidery from their Hmong villages in the hills. They pick only the best and most beautiful pieces from old textiles originally made for work in the village. This means that, along with their stunning beauty, these pillows are strong enough to last a lifetime (and a house full of pets). Each pillow is a one-of-a-kind treasure. 

Pillowcase measures approximately 16" x 16"

*Please note, these listings are for pillowcases without inserts*

 The crafts of the Hmong people are quickly becoming lost to cheap fast fashion, mechanization, and urbanization. Na and Pha keep traditional crafts alive with their own work, and by maintaining an open door policy for the children in their community. Whenever the kids are left on their own, Na and Pha invite them into their own home to learn the traditional Hmong crafts. 

We work directly with artisans, and pay fair wages for their work. With each purchase of Na and Pha’s collection, you not only contribute to their income as working artists, but to the continuation of the incredible artistic traditions of the Hmong people.