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Flowers & Clouds Necklace
Flowers & Clouds Necklace

Flowers & Clouds Necklace

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Handmade with love in Kathmandu, Nepal. Plated in 22 karat gold.


Flowers symbolizes purity, beauty, and love in Nepal, and clouds represent the ever-shifting nature of life. This stunning statement necklace fuses the two, and is finished with a suede tie, instead of leather, to mark the makers' respect for all life.

Designed by Ishu and Tulja in Kathmandu. Ethically handcrafted by their network of local artists.


Keep away from fire and heat.

Do not apply perfume/water directly to the jewelry.

Please store in an airtight case and handle with care

Store the piece individually and not with other jewelry pieces

Jewelry should be worn last and taken off first.

Even though our jewelry is anti-tarnish, certain parts or embellishments may turn black due to various reasons like regular wear, high humidity, proximity to heat, etc.