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Don't Bug Me Spray

Don't Bug Me Spray

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Handmade with love here in Austin, by KC. Unlike other natural bug sprays we've tried, this Deet-free, all natural formula actually keeps those Texas sized mosquitoes, ticks and flies at bay. KC formulated it with a pleasant smell, to be gentle enough for pregnant mamas*, and of course, her own kids. We also use it on our canine companions* when we go on hikes. It's safe for most clothing since those pesky insects sometimes even bite through jeans!


Active Ingredients: Essential Oils of: Lemon Eucalyptus 3.5%, Lavender 2.5%, Peppermint 1%, Tea Tree 1%, Lemongrass 1%, Geranium 1%   

Inert Ingredients: Distilled Water 80%, Witch Hazel 5%, Aloe Vera 5%.

2.5 oz Travel Size 

Good to Know: Certain Essential Oils are not good for babies under 2 years and all essential oils are not recommended for babies under 6 months or cats.

Shake well, spray liberally and enjoy nature without nature enjoying you!