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2 Saguaros Print
2 Saguaros Print

2 Saguaros Print

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A stylish desert scene, handmade by Austinite, Tessa Lewis.

From Tessa:

A bold, funky, two-color block print featuring saguaro cacti and a blazing sun hanging low in the sky. Saguaro symbolize confidence and the ability to stand tall, no matter how harsh the circumstances.

- Original print hand-carved and hand-printed onto medium weight paper.

- Limited edition originals - 50 prints available.

- Signed, dated, and numbered.

- Due to each print being unique, your order may vary slightly from the exact image pictured.

- Approximately 8" x 8"


Block carving is a multi-step form of art that involves a little bit of everything to create each piece - including drawing, design, carving, painting, and transferring!

Everything from the humidity of the environment to the weight of the paper can affect the end visual result of a print, resulting in a truly one of a kind piece.

I create each print with love & positivity, and hope each one brings you as much joy as I experience while creating it!